WebStudents FAQs for Students
(See also: Your student file)

WebStudents - What is it?

WebStudents™ is an optional service that works in conjunction with Practica Musica to store Student Files (student scorekeeping records) on Ars Nova's servers via the Internet. With it, students and professors have a single source for saving and viewing student progress reports. Instructors can easily access student scorekeeping data from any computer with Internet access and students don't have to worry about sending score data to instructors via e-mail because score data is automatically backed up to Ars Nova's servers. Score data is always available to a student on any computer with Practica Musica installed and an Internet connection.

Can I run Practica Musica via the Internet if I have a WebStudents account for my class?

No. Please note that Practica Musica itself is not a web-based program. It isn't possible to actually run the Practica Musica program itself over the Internet - it needs to be on a Mac/PC or a network server. The WebStudents service simply stores student score data to Ars Nova's servers via the Internet.

I'm a student using the Student Edition of Practica Musica in my dorm. How can I get a WebStudents account?

WebStudents accounts are one per class, not per student, and are created at the instructor's request. Therefore, ask your professor if your class has a WebStudents account.

What happens if I do some work while connected to the Internet, then later do additional work when not connected? When I connect again wouldn't I lose the work done in that earlier session?

No. It's not a problem to work in Practica Musica while temporarily disconnected from the Internet. When you next connect and open Practica Musica, your local student file will be compared with the one at WebStudents and elements from both will be combined so that no work is lost.

How do I get to my WebStudents file if I go to a new computer that I haven't used before?

Check the instructions in Your Student File for creating a user account on the other computer. Practica Musica 7 and Counterpointer 3 link your personal data through iCloud (following your AppleID) or Windows Roaming Data (following your Windows ID). So if you log in to the other computer with a user account that has your AppleID or Windows ID, you'll be connected to the same user information.