Your Student File & WebStudents
Your student file (Practica Musica 7 and Counterpointer 3).

Your personal progress records are kept in your student file, which is kept on your computer and also online. If you are in a class using the WebStudents™ service, a copy of this file is also automatically kept at WebStudents for viewing by your instructor.

Signing in

Important: Practica Musica 7 and Counterpointer 3 are most easily used on your own computer. The computer puts your information in the logged-in user's personal area. If you are using your own computer you will already have your own user account created when you first got the computer, and no extra effort is needed. Your data will go to the right place automatically. But if you are launching the program on a shared computer - a computer at school, for example - it is necessary to have a personal login on that computer and to choose that login when you start or wake up the computer, and log out when you leave the computer. If someone else is the currently logged-in user when you launch the program you'll find that you are now using the other person's student data and you don't want that. On the Macintosh, user accounts are created in (Apple menu)/System Preferences/Users and Groups, and on Windows they are created in (Start menu)/Settings/Accounts.

When you open Practica Musica or Counterpointer for the first time you'll be asked for your old serial number if you're an upgrade customer, or a Webstudents account if you're launching a new site-licensed copy. The Windows version combines both these options in a single window.

After this authorization you'll also be asked to enter your name to identify your student file. Be sure to enter your name just as you want it to remain! It can't be changed after entry; this will be the name that appears in your student file. If this is an upgrade or purchased copy the Webstudents account is optional and can also be entered or changed later.

Use lower-case for the account name. If the program cannot find an account with that name it will tell you.

For site-license holders: The only authorization you need is that webstudents account name used by your class! The program will assign you a new unique serial number that is all your own.

Joining WebStudents.

Once you've entered the class account name in the Webstudents name box the rest is automatic. The program will save a copy of your student report in that account, and will also load any special activities that your instructor has posted for the class. Instructor activities will appear in the Instructor column if any are present. You can change the Webstudents account name at any time by clicking on it in the start screen (right below where your name appears).

Finding your file when you visit a new computer.

If you are not using your own computer and do not have a login on the other computer it is necessary to create an account on the new computer, using the steps described above. If you use the same user i.d. (Apple ID or Windows ID) on the new computer's login as you did when you first signed in elsewhere, you should find yourself automatically connected once you complete creation of the user account. Apple's iCloud or Windows Roaming Data should connect you with the student data you created elsewhere.