Your Practica Musica Student File and WebStudents

Your student file.

Your personal progress records are kept in your student file, which is a small file with your name on it that is found in the Practica Musica Students folder (found within your Practica Musica folder). If you are using the WebStudents™ service, a copy of this file is also automatically kept at WebStudents via the internet.

Signing in a student file for the first time.

When you open Practica Musica for the first time, click on "I don't have a student file yet; please create one." If your instructor has given you a class WebStudents account, make sure to enter the account name during the sign-in process.

Joining WebStudents.

If your school has a WebStudents account your teacher will tell you the account name. After you have signed in or created a student file of your own, you can use the Enter or Change WebStudents Account Name command to enter your WebStudents account name. This command is found in the menu that has your name on it (the student menu). Type the name carefully in lower case and make sure you've spelled it exactly right. Click OK to close the window, and from then on Practica Musica will automatically save your work both to WebStudents and to the local computer. If you have trouble with your file saving properly, please visit Ars Nova's support page for assistance.

Finding your file when you visit a new computer.

Once you have created a student file and entered a WebStudents account number then your file will be at WebStudents and also may be present on some of the computers you have used since then. If a copy of your file is on the new computer, just choose it and it will take care of everything. If the new computer doesn't show your name in the student list at startup, then choose, "I have a file online at WebStudents; Let me choose it." You'll be asked for your account name, and after you enter it the program will display a list of the class files at WebStudents. Pick your own file and click OK.