WebStudents FAQs for Instructors
(See also: Instructions for students using Practica Musica)

WebStudents - What is it and why would I want it?

WebStudents™ is an optional service that works in conjunction with Practica Musica to store Student Files (student scorekeeping records) on Ars Nova's servers via the Internet. This has several significant benefits:
  • Students and professors have a single source for saving and viewing student progress reports.

  • Instructors can easily access student scorekeeping data from any computer with Internet access. Individual student scores can be viewed and class reports generated with WebStudents.

  • Instructors can broadcast messages to students, messages that will be displayed when students log in to Practica Musica.

  • Students don't have to worry about sending score data to instructors via e-mail because score data is automatically backed up to Ars Nova's servers.

  • Students can use the Practica Musica Student Edition at home or the Site Edition in a school music lab without worrying where their scores are being saved or how their instructor is going to get progress reports. Score data is always available to a student on any computer with Practica Musica installed and an Internet connection.

  • IT staff members don't need to be bothered with the installation and configuration of Student Files.
How do I get a WebStudents account for my students?

If your class is using or will be using the Practica Musica Student Edition, just fill out the WebStudents account request form. You will receive an account name and password. Students will plug the account name into their Student Edition software allowing Practica Musica to automate the transfer of student score data to and from Ars Nova's server. The password allows you access to your account and the scores contained therein via Ars Nova's WebStudents web page.

Can students run Practica Musica via the Internet if I set up a WebStudents account for my class?

No. Please note that Practica Musica itself is not a web-based program. It isn't possible to actually run the Practica Musica program itself over the Internet. The WebStudents service simply stores student score data to Ars Nova's servers via the Internet. In order to use Practica Musica and WebStudents, Practica Musica must be installed on a local PC or be accessible via a school network, i.e. either students must purchase the Practica Musica Student Edition or the school must purchase the Site Edition. One of these editions is prerequisite to using the WebStudents backup system.

How do I access my WebStudents account to view student scores?

Go to the WebStudents page and enter your Account and Password information. This information was e-mailed shortly after your account was created. E-mail Ars Nova if you have misplaced this information.

How do I send students a message via WebStudents?

When you log in to your WebStudents account you'll have a number of "Instructor Options" presented to you. Choose the "Broadcast Message" option and type out your message. It will be broadcasted to all selected Student Files in your WebStudents account. The next time one of your students opens his Student File, your message will pop up in a dialog box. This feature is very useful for announcing class assignments, changes of schedule, etc.

Can I have multiple WebStudents accounts? We use Practica Musica both for Ear Training courses and for Theory courses.

Yes, you can have as many account names as required. We recommend that you use a different account for each class so that it's easier to make reports. Be sure to specify the course numbers or any other label you want to use to identify each account.

What happens if my students do some work while connected to the Internet, then later do additional work when not connected? When they connect again won't they lose the work done in that earlier session?

No. It's not a problem to work in Practica Musica while temporarily disconnected from the Internet. When a student next connects and opens Practica Musica, her local student file will be compared with the one at WebStudents and elements from both will be combined so that no work is lost.