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The Edit menu

Undo. Many, but not all, operations can be undone. To make the program run more quickly we've made just the most dire operations undoable. For example, if you select everything on a staff and then accidentally hit the Delete key you can Undo that. Of course, if you make a really bad mistake you can always just close the file without saving changes and open the most recently-saved version (a wise computer user uses the Save command frequently!).

Cut. Deletes and simultaneously copies the selected items.

Copy. Just copies the selected items without deleting them.

Paste. Pastes at the current insertion point a copy of whatever was last copied. This does not remove the original from memory, so you can repeatedly Paste the same copied item or items. In music there is of course much repetition, so you'll often find it convenient to copy a passage, click somewhere else in the music to set the blinking insertion point, and Paste it there.

When entering lyric text in a multivoice piece you can select whole text blocks from one voice, activate the staff of another voice, click where you want the copied text to go, and Paste. There's no need to retype the text for all the voices if each part is singing the same words. Note that with text and other non-rhythmic symbols you can drag the pasted item with the arrow tool after placing it.

Clear. Does the same thing as the Delete key: deletes whatever is selected. (The Backspace key will also delete whatever is selected, but if nothing is selected it will delete whatever item is previous to the insertion point.)

Select all. Selects everything in the current layer of the active staff. If the text layer is chosen this will select all text associated with the active staff; if the chord layer is chosen this will select all chord symbols; if the staff symbol layer is chosen this will select all staff symbols past the initial Clef/Key/Meter. If you have chosen a secondary track in a multitrack staff only the symbols of the secondary track will be selected.

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