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How this was created:

After setting the key to D major we changed the settings in Chord Idea Options to "include secondary dominants." Those make a chord progression sound a little more sophisticated. Then we used "Generate melody idea with chords" for the treble clef staff, then added another treble clef staff and used "Generate melody for existing chords" so that a second melody might have some chance of agreeing with the one in the first staff.

Maybe it's the secondary dominant (Songworks added an E7 chord in measure 4), or maybe it's the oompa-style accompaniment pattern, or Songworks was in a sort of country mood this day. A day at a county fair, perhaps. But the program was cheerful. And why shouldn't it be?


Chords are played by the Garritan Personal Orchestra's Steinway piano, and Garageband's "pop flute" for the melodies. We used two flutes for each melody line.

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