(Click the music image to hear it again)

How this was created:

The idea generator puts its music into the currently chosen staff, in the range and key and meter appropriate to that staff. For this one we chose the bass clef, so that the resulting melody would be low in pitch. The key was C major, and we used the option to "create melody with chords" so that the program would invent a chord progression along with the melody.

The accompaniment pattern you hear is one of the standard accompaniment patterns provided in Songworks. Songworks will perform chord symbols in any of a number of patterns.


After exporting the song from Songworks as a MIDI file, we dragged it onto a new GarageBand window and Garageband imported the music in two tracks, one for accompaniment and one for the melody (Songworks exports the chords as one track and each staff as a separate track). We assigned the melody to a "clean electric" guitar sound with a big reverb, and used an acoustic guitar sound for the accompaniment. These are both sounds that come with Garageband.

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