Songworks Customer Comments
"Love this program [Songworks 3]. It's not overdone like so many others, and I can work with my controller, get lead sheets to my band members, and best of all- FEEL like a musician again." -- C.J.

"For what my opinion is worth, I'd say Songworks is by far the best music notation software I've come across --- ideal for someone who just wants to score music without all the singing and dancing stuff you get with other programs. So many of its competitors make broad assumptions about what you want to achieve and are ridiculously over-engineered and complicated...I used Songworks to produce my book on music theory, which has been a great success, and so I'd like to use it again for my next book, which is a follow-up workbook to the original manual." -- C.D.

"Thanks for your help. The 'invisible rests' work perfectly. This is by far the best program for writing music. I particularly like the freedom to be able to input the notes and work out their values later. Other programs I have used do not give you that freedom, each bar has to have the exact timing before you can continue. But you can do such a lot of other things as well. Ideal for me." -- E.W.

"P.S. I feel like I found a pot of gold for only $60 bucks. The program has done everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you so much!" -- K.H.

"Your program is a lot more sensible than anything else we've evaluated. One thing we particularly appreciate is the ability to delete the time signature and write unbarred music; he was looking for exactly this feature to use with some older hymns." -- E.J.

"Thanks, again for your prompt help. I've been using Songworks now for around 3 or 4 years and love the program. It helps me immensely in my choral work. This program was one of my better purchases, and with your prompt support reinforces my love of the product even more." -- E.U.

"I'm no music major, but have enjoyed using the program to transpose songs from our Hymn Book for use with my B flat cornet." -- R.B.

"Again, thank you for a *great* program that I will be very happy to recommend to anyone, and thank you for your continued outstanding support." -- D.W.

"Great product, worth every penny." -- E.S.

"I'm impressed with what you have done with [Songworks II]. I look forward to working with it more. The quality of your service and your software are not a surprise that you have been doing this for all of these years! Thanks!" -- M.F.

"I purchased your software and I don't even own a Mac. By the time you get this card I will. Your software is the reason I'm changing platforms. Thanks." -- A.S.
[comments prior to Songworks II for Windows]