Practica Musica Customer Comments
"Thank you for all your support. You have made it possible for the attainment of A in Music 3 (ear training/sight-singing) and an A in Music 7 (harmony)." -- G.L.

"I want to say, in writing, how pleased I have been with the Practica Musica program. I am a professional jazz musician (with a degree from Berklee school of Music and a Masters in Education/Music from Westfield State and 25 years of professional experience). Practica Musica has helped me to sharpen my skills. I really have enjoyed the program and have endorsed Practica Musica many times to my musical colleagues." -- G.M.

"As a piano teacher, I find Practica Musica about the best there is for preparing my older students for ALL the necessary theory they need to have practice on before going to college, as well as preparing for contests involving theory as well as performance." -- J.S.

"We appreciate your thorough response, and the improvements you guys continue to make to the program. We use Practica for all our theory classes, and it is working out great." -- E.W.

"I use your [Practica Musica] software in our piano lab and I am very impressed... Thank you for making a product that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that costs far less than your competitors products." -- K.H.

"I love [Practica Musica] and feel that it is the best of the sort I've found on the market. Every other one comes off as a toy." -- J.S.

"I am a piano teacher and vice director of the Conservatory of Music. I have been using Practica Musica for years and I know that, by far, it is the best music education software." -- V.L.M.

"I cannot begin to tell you how terrific your program has been. I was a fish out of water, taking music major courses without ever having learned a note of music at the age of 58 and competing with college students who mostly have played an instrument all of their lives." -- G.C.

"The instructors and I are very happy with this superior product. It has met the needs we have and then some." -- D.U.

"I am also amazed at how much my students enjoy the Practica Musica Activities: 20 of them from age 7 to retired are doing it." -- T.H.

"I really love the product. I've tried other products, but found the feedback and grading to be vague. For example, rhythm matching on some software is simply pass/fail. Practica Musica (PM) clearly communicates where I went awry." -- S.G.

"I just started using Practica Musica on my Mac under OSX. Everything seems to be working just fine and I really like the program. Much improved over my original copy from must be 10 years ago." -- B.H.

"I am a graduate music student who was struggling with music theory. I purchased Practica Musica from and love the product. I would like to know if I can purchase a site license for me to use it on my computer at work. During my breaks, I like to sharpen my music skills. Thanks again for writing such a great product." -- A.A.

"I love Practica. It has been great for my students--even the balky ones." -- M.D.

"I find your program to be a terrific self-study method!!" -- P.K.

"Practica Musica is the best software I know for music education." -- J.C.

"...this program is 'GREAT'." -- M.S.

"I have enjoyed having Practica Musica on my computer for years. My children continue to enjoy it." -- D.M.

"Hi. I just purchased Practica Musica 4 and am an old version 2 user. I LOVE the new version - it is amazing!" -- J.J.E.

"I finally purchased your Practica Musica IV. I love it!!! Thanks for your fine programs." -- S.M.G.

"I love having this program at home. It has been such a GREAT help...." -- K.T.

"I LOVE LOVE LLLOOOVVVEEE your program and have used it for years teaching students at the University level." -- I.B.

"Thank you! I love your product. We used it in my music school and I am going to use it to teach my daughter." -- J.B.