Counterpointer Customer Comments
"I just wanted to compliment you for the program Counterpointer, which I purchased awhile back. It is incredibly powerful and I use the free counterpoint mode for my orchestral compositions - while the whole process is time-saving the outcome is quite spectacular and often breath-taking. I use it together with my DAW where I can go back and forth between the programs. A few months back I would have thought that composing by certain rules or 'recipes' could only limit the creative process - now I can revise that. It offers new possibilities that I wouldn't have thought of while composing. Counterpointer allows to work on the most fundamental level of tonality and harmony where every note is important and gets its meaning. By no means would I say that these techniques are obsolete - they must somehow be based on how our brain processes music and are therefore valid." -- J.V.

"You and Ars Nova are fantastic. My six students all love the product. They are charging ahead so very MUCH!!! faster than when I was teaching this subject material in a formal classroom setting. It is just marvelous to see them blossom into young composers. I am having them now transfer their polished third and fourth species, very carefully, into selected Orchestration small groups (e.g. string, brass, wind, pitched percussion, mixed instrument quintet, etc.) sections of my choosing to begin learning how to write for the orchestra." -- P.K.

"Hey guys, first off, can i just say how much I freaking love this programme. It's basically removed the need for me to pay for lessons with a teacher, it's absolutely perfect for learning all forms of counterpoint." -- P.H.

"Just to say that i am pleased with Counterpointer! I am doing a bit everyday, and just that is changing my hearing. I am thinking also that on a philosophical level, it is so interesting that something so proscriptive as strict counterpoint could give so much freedom and variety in the outcome. This ought to be taught at elementary level, way before trying to fitting pitches to a harmonic grid. So much more interesting! It is like a beautiful and meaningful sudoku, the software works well, and the instructions clear. Great with a copy of Fux near by! -- B.G."

"I just wanted to let you know that your new program is absolutely superb in all respects and I wish you tons of success with it. It has already substantially improved my counterpoint, which has been an important goal of mine, I dare say in a way that not even the most experienced teacher could (who could be that patient or catch all my errors instantly?). I can hardly begin to share with you my enthusiasm and gratitude at having such a tool at my disposal for learning counterpoint." -- A.F.

"I am a teacher in a music conservatory, and I would like to say that [Counterpointer] is exceptionally good." -- C.V.

"[It] looks like you have a winner with Counterpointer." -- C.F.

"The reason I'm writing to you is your Counterpointer software - it's one of the best educational programs for musicians I've found." -- M.M.

"What Counterpointer can do no other software can...I write in Songworks and then [check my work] in Counterpointer with "Bach Instrumental." No other software [has] so much power...!" -- Z.P. Germany

"As an alumni of Berklee College of Music, I find that Counterpointer is an indispensable software program for everyone in the music industry. I use it for hours. It is everything I hoped it would be. The most amusing and comforting thing about your program: If you try, then you can convince anyone to overlook anything in your work, but if you try, then you cannot convince a computer program to overlook anything. The computer says you are wrong, and gives you why you are wrong in terms a 5 year old could understand." -- G.B.

"I love Counterpointer and enjoy using it to get beautiful traditional harmonies." -- M.O.