Pitch Errors

Purpose: Identify and correct pitch notation errors in a melody.

Difficulty: Moderate. Fun, though.

How it works:

Listen to the randomly generated melody that you see notated on the staff. At least one note is written wrong - the written pitch is not the one you're hearing. Your job is to find any notes whose notation does not match what you hear, and correct the notation. Press the "Play" button to hear the melody as many times as needed.

You can change the pitch of a written note in either of two ways:

• Select the note(s) you want to change and use the Pitch arrows tool to raise or lower the note(s) one line or space at a time. Select a note by touching it or drawing a selection rectangle around a group of notes.
•Touch the note head and drag it up or down. This is easiest to do if you use the Expand gesture to view the music in a large size.(To enlarge, touch in the music with two fingers and spread them apart. The Pinch gesture is the opposite and shrinks the music down again. Your view of the music can also be moved left or right, up or down, by touching with two fingers and moving them together.)

Most often the pitch will need to be moved up or down on the staff. But if the note only needs a sharp or flat or natural sign, select the note by touching it and then choose the desired sign from the accidentals tool palette, shown at right. Notes that have been successfully corrected are circled in blue.

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