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Now you can enjoy Ars Nova's music learning and composition activities on your iPad®.

Musica Touch™ offers 22 ear training and music theory activities selected from the 200+ activities in Practica Musica®, 15 activities for the study of species counterpoint taken from Counterpointer®, and several writing activities with tools similar to those in Songworks™ for creating song leadsheets, chorales, quartets, and other music. There's a Tune Notater that will write down a melody you play on the screen piano, an Idea Generator for fresh new musical ideas from the computer's imagination, and, just for fun, a Songbook with a collection of 36 traditional songs, complete with lyrics and chords. Yet the entire app is less than 30 mb, so it leaves lots of space for other things, such as the free iBook version of Exploring Theory.

Each activity in Musica Touch can be purchased individually at very low cost, or you can buy a complete set like the ear training set, the theory set, the counterpoint set, or the entire activity set at a discounted price.

For an example, here's a look at rhythm reading activities in Musica Touch. The Easy Rhythms activity comes free with the download, and you can later advance to the more difficult rhythms in the Rhythm Reading activity:

What's different?

  • It's all based on touch, of course. Drag notes up or down with your finger, drag note stems or beams or bar lines.
  • You can both view and edit music in either panorama or page view.
  • Use the Share button to send a composition or musical idea to a friend - your friend can open the music in a free copy of Musica Touch for listening and viewing. In certain activities (currently Rhythm Reading, Pitch Reading, and Melody Reading) you can also challenge a friend to beat your score on a particular example.
  • Music can be "printed" to a pdf file and sent to any computer connected to a printer.
  • For exercises, a new scorekeeping system is based on winning Milestone awards. Reach a Milestone and it goes into your collection, where it can be shared if you want to with friends on Facebook, or Tweeted, or emailed. Then go after the next milestone and see how far you can get.

Can I use it for a class?

  • Musica Touch can save scores to a school WebStudents account, or scores can be emailed to a teacher. Musica Touch scores kept on WebStudents are separate from those made in Practica Musica or Counterpointer, but will appear in the same school account if you enter the school's account name in the program.

What's it cost?

  • Musica Touch includes several free activities: Easy Rhythms (a rhythm tapping exercise), Single Pitches (a beginning exercise in note reading), Songbook Sampler (several songs from Songbook), and free non-saving versions of Lead Sheet, Composition, Tune Notater, and Idea Generator. Individual activities range in price from $.99 U.S. to $4.99, with a discounted price of $19.99 if you want to get all activities at once.

How do I find it?