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Your personal menu

This menu carries your own name - or whatever name you used when you first "signed in." It contains commands to manage a progress report in case you're using Counterpointer for coursework. Counterpointer uses the same type of "student files" as Practica Musica, so if you already have a Practica Musica student file you could choose it as your student file and your Counterpointer exercise scores will be added to your Practica Musica score report.

If there is only one student file in the Counterpointer Students folder, Counterpointer will automatically choose that as your personal file.

View progress report. Puts up a window with your exercise scores.

Print progress report. Sends the same report to your printer.

Export progress file. Can be used to save a copy of your student file to another location.

Change password. A password is not needed unless you're using the program on a machine used by others.

Enter or change WebStudents account name. If your school has a WebStudents account you can enter its name in this window, and Counterpointer will then use the internet to save a copy of your progress report at the Ars Nova server. This is especially convenient if you are using the same progress file for both Counterpointer and Practica Musica.

Sign out. Or, if you've signed out this will say "Sign in."

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