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Modifying Activities

All editions of Practica Musica allow some modification of the provided activities. Instructors have some extra capabilities not available to students: any instructor can email to request instructor status for your serial number.

Clicking an activity icon brings up the info window for the activity with a description of its contents and buttons for additional options that can vary according to whether one has been granted instructor status. An instructor can post this activity to a specific class account, or can first modify it and then post it. Any activities posted this way will show up in the instructor activities column for each student using that class account. They can be launched just like activities contained within the program but will be identified in score reports as instructor activities. Activities that have been modified but not launched from the instructor column will be identified in score reports as "customized."

The options for modifying activities are extensive, yet have been limited in ways that we think will make the process easier. The goal is to allow the type of changes that people most want to make, yet avoid unnecessary details. Anyone wanting to customize an activity therefore should begin with an activity that already works in a way similar to what is desired, and then simply change the materials lists and their presentation, replace examples with different ones in activities that use precomposed examples, perhaps change the scoring method and the text of messages. Version 7 activities posted to web students will be visible only to version 7 users.       •