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Home Use of Practica Musica

Personal copies obtained at the Windows Store or Apple Store are of course normally used on a student's personal computer. But schools with site licenses have sometimes requested that their students be allowed to place site-licensed copies on their personal computers too. Practica Musica 7 is designed to allow easy home installation of site-licensed copies.

Your students with either Windows 10/11 computers (including Surface Go) or Macintosh computers with OS 10.11 or greater can freely download Practica Musica using links from our Installers page. At the first launch they will be asked only for the name of the school's Webstudents account, plus their own first/last names in order to create a student file. They do not need your serial number - only that account name. After the first launch the program will automatically choose their student file and connect to the chosen class account.

The new program ties their student data to their Windows i.d. or Apple i.d. so that it will follow them if they put it on more than one home computer. The student reports are stored both online and in a local backup copy and are accessible to the instructor via Webstudents or through a new instructor option that allows viewing Webstudents records from within the program. Instructors can also use commands in the program to upload specific activities, customized or not, to Webstudents, after which the chosen activities will appear in the "From instructor" column. Any instructor wishing to have instructor options enabled can email, providing the program's serial number and the name of a Webstudents account. (Webstudents accounts are free and can be requested at our Webstudents page).

For students who purchase their own materials, the personal edition is also available at the Windows Store and at the Apple Mac Store for $29.99. Personal copies can connect to the same Webstudents accounts used by site-licensed copies.       •