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Counterpointer 3

The Home Screen

Goal: make everything obvious enough that it isn't necessary to consult the instructions.

The home screen displays scrolling lists of activities organized into categories. Quitting an activity always returns the student to this home screen.

All the student information and options are visible on the home page.

The Scoreboard space displays the points and time earned in the current activity.

Click on an activity icon and you can view a brief description, read its instructions, launch it, customize it, and if you're an instructor you can upload it to a school Webstudents account for access by the class.

A search box lets the user find and launch any activity by typing in the first few letters of its name.

If you customize an activity its score report will have a new i.d. number but it will keep its place in the category list. If you use the option to restore the original version, your customized version will be moved to the list of customized activities.       •