Use on Multiple Computers

A student with Practica Musica 7 will be able to install the program on any number of computers, for example, on a random school computer and also on a home computer. At the first sign-in an online account is created for that student and whenever the program is installed on another computer it will automatically connect to the account (the student file) created earlier. This way a student can install on a new computer anywhere - whether it is Windows 10 or Mac OS - and that computer will immediately be able to to display the student's current progress report, and can add to it. The student data is centralized online and has the same format regardless of which kind of computer was used to create it.

What if someone else launches the program from that school computer?

The program will be installed for the current logged-in user, but it is a good idea to use a password for the student file. That will keep others from making changes to your progress report (for example, a student can now delete individual score reports - wouldn't want others to be able to do that).

What about WebStudents?

If the student is in a class using WebStudents cloud storage, an additional copy of the student's data is stored at WebStudents for easy access by the instructor.

What if the internet is down?

The internet is needed for the initial sign-in, which since the program was downloaded in the first place should not be a problem. If at some future time the internet is down temporarily the program will make use of the local backup copy of the student data that is stored on the computer itself in the user's personal area. When the internet comes back up the student should launch the program again on that computer, at which time the local student report will update the online copy.       •      

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