To the Practica Musica community:

For some time we have been redesigning Practica Musica from the ground up. We expect to release the new Practica Musica 7 in 2019.

Feedback from the community has always been important to us - many of the activities and features of Practica Musica have come about through user requests, and we'd like to continue that tradition as we prepare the new program. If you have particular requests or comments please direct them to Please note that the new program will require either Macintosh OS 10.11 or later, or Windows 10 (desktop or Surface). The older program will continue to be available for use on earlier systems.

Before we get to features, anyone who has purchased version 6 since January 1, 2017, or who has a term site license current at the release date, will be eligible for a free upgrade to the new program. (The same will hold true for Songworks and Counterpointer customers, as new versions of those are also planned). If you are adopting the older version this year it can be upgraded without charge whenever you and the new programs are ready. Over the next few months we'll be discussing the new program in news items and on Facebook. The announcements button at Ars Nova's website will be available to check the latest information.

  • Practica Musica 7 is built on a new software platform that is designed especially for the latest Macintosh and Windows computers.
  • The interface is all new, and resembles in many ways the interface of our iPad app, Musica Touch.
  • Activities are much easier to customize and they all use similar scoring strategies by default.
  • Notation features are dramatically enhanced, including editing in either panorama or page view.

We'll be going into more detail about these and many other improvements over the next few months and will be happy to hear any responses from both instructors and students using Practica Musica.

Thank you, The Ars Nova Team       •      

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