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Counterpointer 3 is now available, and like Practica Musica 7 represents a complete rewrite of the program that takes advantage of new computer systems. Counterpointer works much like Practica Musica but is focused on the study of counterpoint, providing extensive practice in all species, plus free counterpoint and exercises in the Palestrina and Bach vocal styles. So far as we know, Counterpointer remains the only software that can evaluate and comment on part-writing errors in all five of the traditional species used in counterpoint instruction. Counterpointer can generate random c.f.s for the student to accompany, or can make use of precomposed c.f.s such as those in the Fux text.

The new program requires either a Macintosh with at least OS 10.11 or else Windows 10 (including Surface tablets). The older version 6 for now remains available for use on earlier systems.

Anyone who has purchased version 2 or who has a current term site license for version 2 is eligible for a free upgrade to the new program.

  • Counterpointer 3 is built on a new software platform that is designed especially for the latest Macintosh and Windows computers.
  • The interface is all new, and resembles in many ways the interface of our iPad app, Musica Touch.
  • All the species exercises contain instructions for writing in that species. A general study guide is included to facilitate personal study.
  • Activities can be customized to use different style rules as desired.
  • Notation features are dramatically enhanced, including editing in either panorama or page view.
  • Instructors using a free Webstudents account to collect student progress can now view their students' scores from within Counterpointer using an instructor option. Instructor options can be enabled for any copy of the program by emailing with a request. Please include your own copy's serial number and the name of any Webstudents account you'd like to access. If you don't have an account you can request one at our Webstudents page.
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