NEW for May 2023: Practica Musica personal editions are now the Studio/Standard edition and can track progress for multiple students on one computer. This is a big help for use in home schooling as well as for those teachers who let their private students do exercises on a studio computer while between lessons. Site license editions continue to support lab use as well as individual downloads for each student in the licensed class. Version 7.1 is a free upgrade for all current customers.

Fall 2021: Site licenses for Practica Musica 7 will include at no extra charge an option to use a "lab edition" at school in addition to home use of the program. Students can continue to download the site-licensed program to their own computers, and the school computer lab can also choose to place a lab edition on school computers for use when students come to campus. The lab edition allows students to choose their name from the class list or create a new personal file, without requiring each student to have a personal login on the school computer. Students can access the same file at home if they have a computer. Lab editions are installed by school staff on the school's machines; students with a personal computer can continue to install site edition copies as before. Students who have purchased personal copies of the software at home can also access their files in the same online class list.