Help with flute fingering
Question: I am in 7th grade and want to lean how to read music notes for flute? Please help me - Ehsan.

Answer: This would be a good time to have a teacher, but I'm guessing that perhaps you don't have access to a teacher at your school?

And maybe you don't have access to teaching software like our Practica Musica either. With that and a microphone you can practice playing notes to the computer and have it show the note you're playing. But Practica Musica doesn't teach flute fingering, or fingering for any particular instrument; it's more of a general music-reading and ear training teacher.

It sounds like what you need is a chart that shows the flute fingering used for each note. There are a number of these available on the internet, and I'm going to give you a link to one that looks good. Click the below link to see it:

As you can guess, the black spots indicate keys that you need to press in order to play the note displayed on the staff. The chart also includes the name of each note. You could print that out and try it yourself, or just use it directly from the computer screen if that would be convenient. I think that all you need at first is the first page.

I hope that will help - if you have another question let me know.

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