An F natural appears in G major
Question: I am doing a harmonic analysis and I am confused: it was in G major and then a there was a natural sign on F. There were no other accidentals in the piece and the last chord was G. Did the chord change or not? - J.

Answer: Could you tell me what chord that F natural was part of? And the chord that followed it? Or if you have an image to attach to a reply that would help, to get the whole context. [No answer has arrived yet, so I'm going to take a stab at it in case this helps someone else].

If the F natural is part of a G chord then the next chord probably would be C, and this brief change could be analyzed as V7 of IV, IV. But it wouldn't be an actual modulation to C unless it continued for a time to cadence on C. Might just be a momentary departure...

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