28: Should E# be played on the F# key if F# is in the key signature?
Question: I'm playing a song which is in key of G, that is, all the Fs should be played with F#. But there is a note E#, my teacher said I should play F# (the black key next to F) because E# is F and F should be played with F#. Is this correct? - C.L.

Answer: Nope. Your teacher is mistaken. Even teachers make mistakes from time to time; someday I intend to try making one myself.

The composer has written E# deliberately, probably as a leading tone to F#. An E# would be played on the same key as F, just as you thought.

The # in the key signature really does only apply to notes named F - not to notes named E, regardless of what accidental is on the E.

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