Is there a name for the opposite of a cadence?
Question: Is there a name for an opposite form of a cadence, for example opening music/motif that starts a piece rather than finishes a phrase. Also can cadences come at the start of a song or does there have to be some concluding idea in it which sounds like it is final and by not sounding like it is final would mean it isn't a cadence. **Sorry for the cluster of words and terrible syntax. - Mike

Answer: The syntax is not so bad. I've seen worse.

A cadence really is a way to end a phrase. Speaking in terms of harmonic cadences, for example, not every V-I is a cadence - only a V-I that ends a musical phrase. Cadences are often likened to punctuation in language: the equivalent of a period or comma.

For example, the wonderful Brahms melody quoted in a video on p. 87 of Exploring Theory begins with a V-I, but that's not a cadence. The first phrase ends with a half cadence (I-V), the second with an authentic (V-I) cadence.

But there isn't a name for that opening V-I, except that since it begins on a pickup beat it's an example of "anacrusis." Maybe anacrusis, an unstressed pickup to the opening downbeat of a phrase, is sort of like the opposite of a cadence.

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