Songworks 3 Tutorial Videos

1. The Edit Window
An overview of the music editing window
2. The Keyboard Window
An overview of the keyboard tools window
3. Entering Music in Step Time
How to enter music note-by-note in the edit window
4. Entering Chords
How to enter chord symbols in the edit window
5. Entering Text
How to enter either free or lyric text in the edit window
6. Entering Music in Multiple Parts
How to enter multiple voices on the same staff
7. Adjusting Staves
How to adjust the positioning of staves on the printed page
8. The Letter Keys Piano
Improvising melodies on the letter keys "piano" with optional chord accompaniment
9. Active Listening
Playing music by tapping the rhythm - for fun or for learning a part
10. Shape Notes
An explanation of shape notes and how you can use Songworks to write music with shapes.
11. Selecting Staff Items
How to select notes, rests and other staff symbols.
12. Selecting Text
How to select text blocks.
13. Selecting Chords
How to select chord symbols.