One step at a time.

If you always wanted to be able to read music you can get started right now with this new series from the makers of Practica Musica®. We start at the very beginning with an explanation of whole and half steps and their relation to staff notation, and continue on through reading your choice of treble, bass, or alto clefs, with key signatures, with accidentals, with both. Rhythm reading begins with simple quarter notes and progresses though different meters, dotted values, ties, and even triplets.

Graduated. Each of the 12 exercises moves through various topics, falling back to review if you need more help in a particular section.

Includes instruction. Each interactive exercise comes with its own page of instruction, complete with illustrations.

New material for each session! The software invents new tunes for practice and will even include chord accompaniment. In the final two steps you can practice pitch and rhythm reading with an endless supply of new examples never before heard on earth that will surprise you with their musical interest.

No extra equipment needed. You can do this even on a laptop with just the mouse and letter keys. If you want to, you could optionally connect a MIDI device for input or even use microphone input in the pitch reading exercises.

Upgradable. After learning basic reading you have the option of upgrading to the complete Practica Musica for further study in ear training and music theory.

The Steps
1. Whole steps and half steps. 2. Starting pitch reading 3. Starting rhythm reading
Accidentals 5. Ledger lines 6. Meter 7. Key signatures 8. More about rhythm
9. Compound meter 10. Repeats 11. Practice pitch reading 12. Practice rhythm reading.
Purchase Steps to Reading Music ($29.99)

(Steps to Reading Music is also included in Practica Musica)