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Installing Counterpointer

Installing doesn't take much: If installing by download you can download for Windows or for Macintosh. On the Macintosh you'll receive a disk image file that will open to display a Counterpointer icon and an icon for your Applications folder. Drag the Counterpointer icon to the Applications icon and you're done. For Windows, you'll receive an installer that you can run to install the program, and you can just click OK or Continue when asked.

If installing from CD you will see the same two choices, one for Windows and one for Macintosh.

Signing in

When you first start Counterpointer you'll be asked for your serial number and confirmation number, and the program will use the internet to "sign in" the program. If Counterpointer is unable to make the needed internet connection, or it can't get through a firewall, it will present a window with an alternate method of signing in: a code that you can exchange for an answering "offline registration code" at Ars Nova's support page. If you have no internet at all, the code can be obtained by phone: 800-445-4866.

Once you've signed in you'll be able to see your serial number in the About Counterpointer window, but it is best to write it down somewhere for future reference, together with your confirmation number.

Your student file

If you want to track your progress - often needed if you're taking a class - you'll want to create a student file to hold your progress report. If yours is the only student file on your computer you won't be asked to choose it at start up; the program will automatically find and update your file.

If you are using a student file you'll see a menu at the top of the screen that has your own name, just as you entered it when you signed in. This is your student menu, and you can use it to view or print your progress record.

The Counterpointer 2 student file is the same kind of document as used by Practica Musica 6. If you are already using Practica Musica 6 in a course you can use the same student file you use for Practica Musica, and your Counterpointer scores will be added to those of the Practica Musica activities.

Getting help

Should you have any questions about Counterpointer you can email to


(Don't forget the hyphen between "ars" and "nova"). If you don't get a reply within 24 hours be sure to check your email return address - sometimes we get messages from people whose return addresses are wrong and we can't send a reply.

Program updates

When updates are available Counterpointer will automatically offer them to you unless you turn off the "Check for Updates" feature in the file menu. If you accept an update, Counterpointer will automatically download it, quit, and relaunch in the updated version.

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